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Property maintenance

Our aim is to maintain the properties under our management in a manner that guarantees that they retain their value and usability. Our aim is to carry out maintenance activities in a cost-efficient way and achieve the use targets. Maintenance also plays a key role in guaranteeing good indoor air quality and reducing energy consumption.

Proven efficiency in property maintenance

We took part in the KTI study that assessed the maintenance costs and customer satisfaction in various premises. The study showed that due to the large purchase volumes, among other factors, we can carry out maintenance operations in a very cost-efficient way. We also spend considerably more money on the maintenance repairs and renovation investments than the private companies studied.

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The best practices in the industry

One of the aims of our maintenance process is to identify and apply the best practices in the industry. The properties are assessed every year, and an annual plan as well as medium-term plans are drawn for each property.

We go through a tendering process for the maintenance operations targeted at service providers that operate nationwide. The objective of the partnership is to enhance the development activities between the parties and to optimise operational models to improve quality and control costs.

Almost 200 Senate sites are connected to the automated remote control systems managed by building maintenance companies. The aim is to enhance user satisfaction, indoor air quality and energy efficiency.

Service requests

Senate has a service request channel for Senate lessees that can be used for all types of communications. Lessees can use the channel to report problems, monitor the progress of service requests and read notices about the premises.

The service request channel aims to improve property-related communications and ensure that all premises are safe, functional and comfortable.

The service can be offered to all customers operating in premises leased by Senate Properties. The launch of the service is agreed on with the site’s property manager. A user name and password are required for the service.

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Investments in indoor climate

Senate is carrying out a proactive indoor climate programme that will develop instructions, tools and operational models for the implementation of the various anticipatory elements in solution, construction contracting and maintenance processes.