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Our objective, in cooperation with our network of responsible partners, is to provide our clients with work environments which help to improve performance and reduce the cost of premises for the government.

Our vision is one where the Finnish state is a pioneer in the new era of work environments and working practices.


Our strategic objectives

Senate Properties’ strategy focuses on putting the Government Premises Strategy into practice.

The objective of the Government Premises Strategy is that their premises promote productive work by supporting new working practices, are efficient in their use of space and thus reduce the load on the climate.

Senate Properties has an important role in helping the civil service not just to make savings, but also in providing new kinds of work environments that are pleasant and promote productivity.

Our strategic objectives are:

• New government working practices and new working environment philosophy throughout the civil service
• EUR 100 million annual savings in premises costs for the government in eight years
• Operating in a socially responsible manner and to be a pioneer for the sector

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