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Construction Management

We develop new premises and renovate old buildings for our clients according to their specifications. The investments are based on the user requirements, life cycle costs and functionality.

When we are involved in renovation or modernisation projects, we always assess the possibilities to improve the work environment and space utilisation through structural and technical measures. These measures aim to optimise our clients’ operations, reduce rental costs and promote the overall interest of the state.

Tulli Pasila

The investments focus on improvement of work environments and space utilisation

Over the past few years, our investments have been mainly allocated to renovation and work environment development projects. The emphasis has also been on improving energy efficiency. The aim is to carry out renovation projects so that they meet energy class C. All new buildings should be low-energy buildings. Material and carbon efficiency are also taken into consideration when making investments.

The implementation of investments is decided on commercial grounds. We also expect our clients to commit to the investment before the project is started.

Director, Construction Management Jonni Laitto tel +358 50 533 7025.


Instructions for development

The methods and operational models we share with our partners are part of our quality management activities. We have compiled some essential instructions we adhere to in our development projects in our material bank.

The planning instructions feature Senate’s IT-related project instructions.
- The CAD instructions specify the technical forms of drawing, text and spreadsheet files as well as database contents produced by the architectural, structural, electrical, plumping and air conditioning designers.
- The instructions for the document disclosure cover the delivery to the client of the final reports on paper and CD/DVD. Further information is available from the person in charge of the relevant project at Senate Properties.

The Projektila instructions cover all instructions related to Projektila, which is a shared workspace for Senate’s property development operations. The service is a one-stop database of all the construction-related documents for each building.

The material bank also features instructions and templates for renovation reports and site notice boards.

If you have any questions concerning the instructions, please contact Specialist Jukka Riikonen, tel. +358 40 013 7554.

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