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The work environment at THL promotes health and welfare

A well-planned work environment makes working more efficient and enhances job satisfaction and general welfare at work.


Solutions that meet the values

When the National Institute for Health and Welfare’s (THL) offices at the Tilkanmäki campus were extended, one of the three main criteria was to ensure that the space, both in terms of its arrangement and special functions, communicates and implements the Institute’s values. “Our objective is to secure a good life for Finns in a just and sustainable welfare society that keeps up with the changing world. We want this to be clearly visible in our work environment and everyday operations,” explains Head of the Support Services Unit Mikko Nissinen.


New premises support operations

The building houses a variety of spaces where colleagues can meet spontaneously. People work at kidney-shaped electric desks for improved ergonomics. The shared space is bright, and there are a number of quiet rooms of different sizes that can be used for a variety of purposes. There is a suitable space or room for every task, even though people mainly work in the spacious multipurpose environment. Some of the quiet rooms must be booked in advance but most of them can be used when required. The meeting rooms have glass walls, with curtains that can be drawn for more privacy, and their soundproofing is excellent.


The workspace revamp at the National Institute for Health and Welfare

“The assiduous planning paid off. The spaces are used exactly as we planned.”


Users lead the revamp process

Nissinen says that the personnel were asked to be involved in the work environment development project as much as possible. The workspace specialist said that he had never worked in a project in which the users had so much input. “It has been really nice to hear people saying that they get to meet the others more often now. And it is especially nice when you hear this from someone who previously admitted to being afraid of moving into an activity-based office. They say there’s no going back to the separate offices. It’s fantastic to hear.”

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