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We have offices in 10 locations in different parts of Finland. The head office is in Helsinki.

Our offices

Senate Properties has three business areas each of which serves clients who have similar operations and service needs.
The business areas are responsible for their client relationships at a strategic level.

The Operating Unit is responsible for client relationships and the network of suppliers at the operational level. The operating unit has four property regions reporting to it. Customer service, letting of properties, building management and matters related to building maintenance are the responsibility of these property regions.

Business areas

Senate Properties has three business areas responsible for generating income and they serve clients who have similar operations and service needs.

Business areas

Property Regions

Issues related to client service, rental of properties, property management and maintenance are handled by Senate Properties’ regional organisation which is made up of four property regions.

Property Regions
Senaatin hallituksen jäsenet.

Board of Directors

The Ministry of Finance has nominated to Senate Properties Board of Directors 2020:

Chairman: Permanent Secretary Hannele Pokka, Ministry of the Environment

Vice Chairman: M.Sc. Kari Ruohonen

Director-General Raimo Jyväsjärvi, Ministry of Defence

Director Ulla Hiekkanen-Mäkelä, Business Finland

Senior Financial Adviser Markus Siltanen, The Ministry of Finance

Account Manager Jari Auer (employee representative), Specialist Joni-Marko Laine (deputy member)

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is a body that supports the CEO in the decision-making and addresses ongoing matters being decided upon by the Board, other important matters involving business and other matters introduced by involved parties. The CEO serves as chairman of the Executive Committee.

Executive Committee