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Social responsibility drives our work

All aspects of our business and decision-making are based on social responsibility. We bear our responsibility for sustainable development by taking into account economic, social as well as environmental considerations, not forgetting the cultural value of buildings.


The vision of corporate social responsibility

We are a pioneer of corporate social responsibility in our industry, and we always keep the government’s best interest in mind when we create work environments for our customers. Our business is energy and material efficient and commercially accountable.

Responsibility and environmental work at Senate Properties is based on our certified ISO 14001 environmental management system, which has been extended to also cover economic and social responsibility aspects.


Focus areas of responsibility

Senate Properties’ focus areas of responsibility take widely into account the aspects of environmental, social and economic responsibility. The real estate and construction sectors particularly highlight environmental aspects, the most important of which are emissions reduction and improved energy efficiency.

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Eteläesplanadi 4, Valtion talo, TEM Eteläesplanadi 4

Social responsibility management

We take social responsibility and environmental aspects into account in planning our business strategy and in our annual action plans.

A director of social responsibility and an environmental director steer Senate Properties’ responsibility work and are responsible for the planning, development and coordination of different parts of this work. Each and every one of our employees is responsible for ensuring that activities comply with the agreed ways of working and that responsibility is taken into account in everything we do.
The environment services function of Defence Properties Finland’s provides comprehensive environment services for the entire Senate group.

Juha Lemström, Director of Social Responsibility, Senate Properties

Timo Kanerva, Environmental Director, Defence Properties Finland


Corporate social responsibility report

Our values are the basis for our activities and decision-making processes. Our business is based on corporate social responsibility in all its aspects: we show our responsibility for sustainable development by considering economic, social and environmental factors, not forgetting the cultural value of the buildings.

We provide a comprehensive annual report about corporate social responsibility topics in our online publications.

Corporate social responsibility reports
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