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Social responsibility drives our work

All aspects of our business and decision-making are based on social responsibility. We bear our responsibility for sustainable development by taking into account economic, social as well as environmental considerations, not forgetting the cultural value of buildings.

The vision of corporate social responsibility

We are a pioneer of corporate social responsibility in our industry, and we always keep the government’s best interest in mind when we create work environments for our customers. Our business is energy and material efficient and commercially accountable.

We use the ISO 14001 environmental management system.

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Corporate social responsibility management

Corporate social responsibility is an integral part of our long-term business model. Managing risks from social and economic developments and environmental changes is a prerequisite for a responsible and profitable business.

We see social responsibility as a platform for all our activities and as part of our products and services. It is not a static concept or a way of operating but a continuously evolving feature of our business.

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Corporate social responsibility policy

Our social responsibility policy expresses our principles relating to protection of the environment and accountability. It covers topics such as the management’s compliance with legal and other requirements, prevention of pollution and continuous improvement of our operations.

Corporate social responsibility policy

Corporate social responsibility report

Our values are the basis for our activities and decision-making processes. Our business is based on corporate social responsibility in all its aspects: we show our responsibility for sustainable development by considering economic, social and environmental factors, not forgetting the cultural value of the buildings.

We provide a comprehensive annual report about corporate social responsibility topics in our online publications.

Corporate social responsibility reports

Our ethical principles

As a public corporation, we are part of the civil service, and our values are based on the public administration values and ethics. Our clients are almost exclusively public administration bodies. The public administration values are based on the values recognised by a democratic constitutional state.

Our values